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Learning Intention.
This lesson is dedicated to both Camera and Photoshop skill development.  You can use these techniques to make sure your channel art and thumbnails look amazing!

Success Criteria:
By the end of the lesson you will have completed the Photoshop tasks. These will have been uploaded to OneDrive or Emailed to me.





Have a word document open, or a notepad.  When you hear good ideas, or if inspiration suddenly strikes you, jot them down for later use!


When you see this image it means that there are questions that you must answer and upload to your OneDrive!

Phone Camera Composite


Ever wondered what it would be like to be a triplet? Let’s find out!

Set your camera up somewhere steady.  Try not to let it move between shots.  Take three images of yourself in the same setting. It is best if you do not overlap.

Using the editing process outlined in the video below, create one image from the three version of yourself.

Photoshop Skill Refresher

learn media online

You don’t need a fancy phone.

This image was shot on my super old phone.  And by super old, I mean nearly 10 years ago old. I did this to show that while fancy phones are nice, you can still have fun with any device that takes a picture.

Your mission is to shoot your own fruit ninja image.  I may even get around to taking another photo with my fancy phone and sharing it with you.


You don’t know the power of the darkside!

Editing note: google splash with black background to find a file.  Change the blending mode of the layer (I think it was overlay or screen). Mask out any parts that look excessive.
The spot healing brush was used to remove the fruit sticks.
From shooting to editing this took around 4 minutes to create.