LESSON 9-10-11
Learning Intention.

These lessons are to be used to record your footage for your channel.

You will also learn about some editing techniques in Adobe Premier Pro.

Success Criteria:
By the end of the lesson you will have recorded footage to use for your channel.

The survey monkey will be completed.





Have a word document open, or a notepad.  When you hear good ideas, or if inspiration suddenly strikes you, jot them down for later use!


Use this week to record your videos for the channel you are making.  By doing this you will get better at the process of video creation.  

You might find that the videos you make first will need to be re-recorded once you improve your technique.

After making your video’s – write a reflection on the things you did well and the things you need to improve.  

I will be doing some video tutorials on how to edit with Premier Pro for next weeks lessons.  So really focus on producing good video content.

Floating Video Windows

This video will show you how to create a cropped floating video window to use on your channel.

learn media online

In order to demonstrate your ability to create a video window, film a short clip and create a similar video to the example above. Maybe a 30 second reaction video?!

learn media online


Produce a short “How To” video that uses a video window.  Perhaps one clip sequence will have a close-up of hands, and the other your face?