Welcome to Lesson 3

Learning Intention.
In this lesson we will be learning about Target Audiences.  We are learning this because successful participation in communities relies on understanding  systems of communication.

We will also continue to explore some of your ideas for the YouTube style channel that you will be making.  

Our subject specific vocabulary will also expand.

Success Criteria:
By the end of the lesson you will know more about Target Audiences.  In addition to an expanded vocabulary, you will have a developing understanding of the relationship between your channel and your audience.

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Have a word document open, or a notepad.  When you hear good ideas, or if inspiration suddenly strikes you, jot them down for later use!

When you see this image it means that there are questions that you must answer and send to me!

Target Audience

A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message. In marketing and advertising, it is a particular group of consumers within the predetermined target market, identified as the targets or recipients for a particular advertisement or message.


It’s often helpful to target a niche audience that is currently underserved by content on YouTube. Viewers in these communities love seeing videos they can relate to, so try tailoring your content to a specific community. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Target audience at the channel level. For example, a gaming channel might be devoted entirely to players of a specific game.
  • Target audience at the video level. You may decide to create videos for a certain demographic, such as parents or teenagers.
  • Target an underserved audience. Some audiences get less representation in other media; they may come to YouTube to find community.



In your word document answer these questions.

What communities do you want to target with your videos?  (eg Dancers; Skaters; Gamers; Gardeners)

Is there a specific audience within that community that you are aiming to engage? (Teenage Hip Hop Dancers; Flat Deck Skaters; Exotic spice Gardeners )

Create a list of bevaviours, traits and attitudes that your target group have in common.



Make a list of your 3 favorite YouTubers. Explain why you like them.  How does there content Target you?

Vocabulary List
More good words to know!
Add the key term Target Audience to your vocabularly list from lesson 1.

Once you understand who you are Targeting you can start to plan for how to make your channel SHAREABLE!

A great sense of story helped this real life proposal, turned video clip, go viral.  This was largely because it was very shareable.

What was the last thing you SHARED with your friends on Social Media? Why did you SHARE it?


Some tips to be shareable:

  • Be topical. When a news story is breaking or something is trending, you can join the conversation by crafting a video about it with your perspective.
  • Be relatable. Try striking a chord with viewers on a subject they can relate to, whether it’s something funny or serious.
  • Be valuable. See how you can provide practical value to viewers. For example, can you make a tutorial video that would be truly helpful?

Thinking about your own channel that you will create, describe your goal for your channel.
How do you think it’s unique from what other similar gaming channels are doing?

How will you engage with your viewers (in your video or your channel) so they’ll want to come back?


DOWNLOAD this list of popular Youtube genres.  Start to think about the styles and types of channel that you want to produce.  Are any of these more Shareable than others?

Make a shortlist of the type of channel’s that appeal to you and those that you feel you have the confidence to work towards.

Examples of people who found their niche Target Audience!

Carpool Karaoke is a segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Describe the concept.
Why do you think that it has been so popular?
Is it Shareable content?
Why do you think this? If you had to make a segment about singers, where might you set it to give it a unique perspective?



Extension Task:

For those who want more!
Complete the YouTube Creator Academy course “Create Great Content”
Do the Exam. Send your results to me!

For this task you will need to sign in to an existing google account or make a new google account.
See the Extension Task instructions from Lesson 1 if you have not yet created an account.

Click in the link or image below to access the course.