Lesson 10

In this lesson we conttinue to look at the work of world reknown Australian Fine Art Photographer Alexia Sinclair

Success Criteria:

By the end of these lessons, you will have a more developed understanding of the elements of conceptual photography. 

Answer’s to questions and image files will be uploaded to OneDrive and Shared with your teacher.




“Don’t be afraid of being different.  Be afraid of being the same as everybody else”.






When you see this icon with the question mark a response from you is required. These responses need to be uploaded to OneDrive and shared with me.

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Alexia Sinclair

Alexia is best known for her intense colour photographs portraying historical and allegorical figures. Her elaborate compositions take on the complexities of history painting by depicting a moment in a narrative story. The abundant detail and symbolism in her work are devices that allow her to tell complex stories. Her pictures combine the elegant finesse of contemporary fashion design with the sumptuous aesthetics of the Golden Age of painting.


Check out Alexia’s portfolio here:

What are you intitial reactions to Alexia Sinclairs images?

What comments can you make about her use of color?

How does Alexia use costuming and props?

Discuss her use of Hair and Makeup to help with the storytelling process.

Alexia Sinclair Behind the Scenes Video

Remember when I said that you are to make a cool behind the scenes style video to go with your conceptual portfolio? Well, here is another example!

What are your overall thoughts about the way Alexia creates her portraits and shows them to the world?

Are there elements that you particularly like/dislike?

What comments can you make about her post production processes?

Explain how you can use some of the knowledge you have gained from watching her workflow.