Year 12 Media Arts



Semester 1
Unit 3 Portrait Photography.

During the first term of this year, we explored a range of portrait photography techniques in both studio and natural light conditions.  Examining the difference between selfies and portraits, we looked at effective use composition and ways to use Adobe Photoshop to stylize portraits.

Term II continues to expand your knowledge of camera craft, Photoshop and composition.  We will further investigate photography by identifying and evaluating the work of professional photographers and their approach to the art making process.

The unit will culminate with an exhibition of your portrait photographs.

REMINDER: The school has a licence arrangement with Adobe.  It is possible to get the Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop, downloaded to your home computer for around $10.00.  Want more information? Send a message via the contact form on the About page.


“Don’t be afraid of being different. Be
afraid of being the same as everyone else.”

Semester 2
Unit 4 Conceptual Photography.

Unit 4 is all about photographic art.  We will study and examine the work of a number of  photographers and then you will create your own conceptual photography gallery!!

Image Credit: Alexia Sinclair

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S E M E S T E R 1

Unit 3 Portrait Photography


We are learning about how we can use photography to construct and communicate meaning about ourselves and our communities.


Each lesson I will have developed my understanding of photography and post production skills. Evidence will be my expanding portfolio.
(student constructed)

*plan and modify media artworks using media art-making processes to achieve purposes
* create media arts communications that convey meaning to audiences
(syllabus marking criteria)

With Learning From Home becoming ‘a thing’, we will revisit some phone photography techniques so that your portfolio’s can continue to develop.  Also, using Adobe Photoshop, we will learn techniques to remove distractions from photo’s.

Portraits of nature. Is it possible to take a portrait of your pet? How about an insect? Or a blade of grass? In this lesson we explore more abstract ideas about what a portrait can be.

Continuing to explore the idea of inanimate objects having personalities, we use our smartphones to create character.

Slow Shutter or Long Exposure photography can have incredible results.  In this lesson we explore the world of slow shutter photography and the smartphone!

In this lesson we hear from local and international photographers as they talk about Black and White Photography. You will also be taking some comparision shots and completing editing in Photoshop.

learn media online

Composite Images will challenge your creativity while making your portfolio’s look super unique.  In this lesson we examine a range of approaches to this technique.

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learn media online

Is it possible to take a portrait of someone by photographing their “things”?  We explore layflat or Flat Lay photography in this lesson.

learn media online

In this lesson we look at how you are going to be assessed and simple ways to move your grade up the scale.

learn media online

It’s time to review the portfolio categories and look at example images.



Want to know how to Bump Your Grade up? Let’s take a look at how teachers mark your work.

S E M E S T E R 2

Unit 4 Conceptual Photography

Alexia Sinclair

Let’s take a look at the conceptual mastery of Australian Fine Art Photographer Alexia Sinclair!

Sails Chong

Master commercial photographer Sails Chong crafts epic images that are very conceptual by nature.  See how he blends a mainstream source of income with art.

Montalbetti & Campbell

Australian based commercial and conceptual photographers Montalbetti & Campbell have been producing epic images for well over a decade. 

Coming soon

Coming soon