Lesson 9

In this lesson we conttinue to look at the requirements of your photography portfolio and look at how I mark your work.

Success Criteria:

By the end of these lessons, you will have a more developed understanding of what is to be included in your assessment folder and how it will be marked.

Answer’s to questions and image files will be uploaded to OneDrive and Shared with your teacher.




“Don’t be afraid of being different.  Be afraid of being the same as everybody else”. 






When you see this icon with the question mark a response from you is required. These responses need to be uploaded to OneDrive and shared with me.

Don’t forget our deal with Adobe so that you can get Photoshop on your home computer for only a handful or two of dollars!

Portfolio for Assessment

For this lesson I am going to be a student in our class and share a partial portfolio of my work to give you an idea of how your portfolio should be developing. Keep the following bolded text in mind as you put your portfolio together.

The expectation is that you will have a minimum of 15 portraits that are polished and ready for exhibition.
These portraits will be accompanied by a reflection for each image.  These reflections will included a balance of comments regarding:
Why art makers create these type of images.  Where they can be found/used.  Your personal objective for the image.  
How you created the image. The camera craft.  Insights into post production processes.
Reflection on the task and processes in relation to media as art and media audiences.

Criteria and task sheets are below. 


learn media online
learn media online

Images for my Portfolio

Abstract Character

Objects & Character

Long Exposure/Slow Shutter

Black & White & Character

Composite Images & Storytelling

Flatlay and Personality
Recap here: https://youtu.be/jbTRXVm7UCs

Posed Portrait

Self Portraits

Photoshop & Self  Portraits

Portraits and Reflections

Silhouette and Portraits

Pet Portraits

Conceptual/Illustrative Portraits

Portraits from Creative Angles

Portraits with Shadows