Lesson 5

In Lesson 4 & 5 you will be given some themes/topics to choose from.

Use the 8 Step process for creating social awareness campaigns to plan and create some mock-up images using Photoshop.


Success Criteria:

By the end of these lessons, you will have used the 8 Step process independently.

Photoshop will have been used to create a number of advertisements.

Response documents and Photoshop files will be uploaded to OneDrive and a link shared with your teacher.




“The assumption that seeing is believing makes us susceptible to visual deception. What is known is not necessarily what is believed, what is shown is not necessarily what is seen, and what is said is not necessarily what is heard”.Kathleen Hall Jamieson





When you see this icon with the question mark a response from you is required. These responses need to be uploaded to OneDrive and shared with me.

Technology and Social Awareness Campaigns.

Question Time


1.  What is the main theme of this animation?
2. The video has had over 24 million views on YouTube. In your opinion, what were the main elements to its success? 
3. What do you think was the creators motivation for making this?
4. Do you think that social media was an effective platform to bring this issue to public attention? How has technology helped to make the voice of the activist and artist louder? Consider the process as well as the reach.
5. How has the creator used sound to help build an emotional response?
6. Do you think that the animation will still have a valid message 10 years from now? 
7. List 3 organisations that can provide help to victims of violence.


Continue on with instructions from Lesson 4.
Be sure to complete THIS WORD DOCUMENT for EACH of the TWO topics.

Download Word Document Template

Do some research 

Use web searches to do some background reading on the topics you choose.   Make some notes and then use the word document template for the 8 Steps.  Be sure to do each step to the best of your ability, they really do make a difference to creating a unified campaign with a clear intent/purpose.

Once you are done, upload your word document and posters to OneDrive and send me the link!