Year 11 Media Arts
Unit 1 Social Awareness


Social Awareness Campaigns.

During the first term of this year we explored a range of social and cultural issues.  These included themes around gun ownership, child marriage, driving habits and domestic violence.  We also deconstructed a range of controversial fashion advertisements in relation to the sexualization and exploitation of children and the role fashion labels play in perpetuating stereotypes of gender.

In addition, we have been learning to use Photoshop so that we have the skills required to complete our major piece of assessment, the creation of a social awareness campaign of your own design.


Year 11 Media Arts
Unit 2 Film Craft


Storytelling and Film techniques will be explored in this unit.  We will create a portfolio of short projects which will include chroma keying (green screen), study horror conventions such as jump scares and explore audio skills.



REMINDER: The school has a licence arrangement with Adobe.  It is possible to get the Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop, downloaded to your home computer for around $10.00.  Want more information? Send a message via the contact form on the About page.


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Unit One: Social Awareness Campaigns


We are learning about how media technology can be used to construct/challenge and communicate meaning.


Each lesson I will have completed a set Task that develops my understanding and control over Photoshop techniques.
                                                                                                                                           (Student constructed)

“Creation of engaging media arts communications that proficiently and sensitively convey meaning to audiences”.
                                                                                                                                              (Syllabus Marking Criteria)

We will examine social media campaigns, explore photoshop techniques and learn about the 8 Steps process for creating social awareness campaigns.

Examining the work of photographer and activist Benjamin Von Wong we look at social awareness strategies, photoshop skills and the environment.

We break down a social awareness campaign for Emotional Abuse and use Photoshop to create our own version of the advertisements.

Viral Social Experiments.
Lesson 4 and 5 give you time to construct campaign advertisement for various pre-selected campaigns.

Pork Chop Karate Chop.  Use the 8 Steps Guide to create mock ups for a range of issues.

Art and Activism.  Let’s look at how artists like Eminem through to unknown street artists convey their messages to an audience.

No Lesson Today

learn media online

In this lesson we look at Social Media and examine examples of Call to Action advertising.   

learn media online

The Men’s Health Edition. Yup –  things are going to get awkward! 



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So we have had the first 8 lessons face to face.  These lessons continue on from there.

Horror Movie Posters

It is time to get your creepy on as we learn about promotional posters for Horror Movies.

Jump Scare 101

Okay – lets really get good at these jump scares.  You are at home and have time to kill (bwahahahaha) – so spend the time to experiment!!

Establishing Shots

In this lesson we explore the importance of the Establishing Shot in setting up a scene.  You even get to shoot a sequence for yourself!

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