Year 10 Media Arts

Creating a YouTube style channel.

In this unit we will learn about Video. In particular we will explore what it take to set-up and run a successful YouTube channel. So for now it is Lights, Camera and Action while we plan, shoot, edit and promote our very own YouTube style channel!




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In the lesson links below, be sure to read all of the sections with that old fashion word talky talk stuff.  If you just skip to the video’s – you will be missing key information.  But let’s be realistic, you have probably already skipped over these words and gone straight to the moving pictures. Arghh – young people!! You are so weird and messed up! 😀

Use the Lessons below to expand your knowledge and skill set.  Remember to check in with me via email if you have any questions.  Upload any of your ideas and responses to OneDrive and send me the SHARE link!


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In this lesson you are introduced to YouTube’s Creator Academy and look at some of the different types of YouTube Channels that are popular.  You also learn how to create a video thumbnail in Photoshop.

In this lesson you will learn about branding your YouTube channel and customizing channel art. We use Photoshop to show the process of correctly sizing and utilizing the Safe area of the image.

In this lesson you will learn about Target Audiences and Shareability . You will also hear from YouTube channels that have made it big!

It is time to start thinking about the How To’s and Do’s and Don’ts of planning, shooting and editing a YouTube style video.

We are starting to get deeper into the rabbit hole now! Exploring the specifics of editing, we learn about the Youtube Audio Library and free stock footage over at Pexelo.  We even do a bit of video editing using a Windows 10 app.

Tips, Hacks and Recaps!! We review some of the essential information while learning about editing techniques and gear HACKS!

Public Holiday

learn media online

In this lesson we do some planning and also develop our Photoshop skills.

learn media online

Photoshop skills and using your phone camera are the focus of this lesson.

learn media online

Use this lesson to record some footage for your channel.  Edit and upload for feedback.

This lesson is to be used to record footage for your channel. Edit and upload for feedback.

This lesson is to be used to record footage for your channel.  Edit and upload for feedback.

learn media online

Another week of recording your raw footage for school next week.  Anyone who doesn’t bring footage and have their channel concept developed will be assigned a channel and footage.  So it is  best to have your own!