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Learning Intention.
After the initial monitoring activity, this lesson has a photoshop task and is then to be used as a catch-up lesson.

If you are up-to-date, spend  time working on your own idea’s for your channel.

Success Criteria:
By the end of the lesson you will have a written draft overview of your channel plan.

The survey monkey will be completed.





Have a word document open, or a notepad.  When you hear good ideas, or if inspiration suddenly strikes you, jot them down for later use!


When you see this image it means that there are questions that you must answer and upload to your OneDrive!

Why Planning Matters!!

learn media online

Download the word document.
Answer the questions and send it back to me.  

learn media online

Photoshop Time!


Get a taste for Year 11 Media Arts.

We will be creating the advert below for Movember.  The ‘How To’ video is beneath it.  Use the buttons below to download the files you need. If you are doing this from school and the video is blocked for some reason, just remember to use layer masks and a black brush to paint through the layer.  You got this! 


learn media online
learn media online

So she looks great with a moustache … how about you also give her a beard and a nose ring?

When you have completed that, use Photoshop to create a piece of art around a theme of your choice eg. Underwater adventure, Space Travel, Zombies etc

learn media online