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Learn Media Online has been created to facilitate and support the learning of my year 9-12 Media Arts students during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

However, this resource is for everyone to use.  If you have tutorials, tips or insights that you would like to share, or requests for specific tutorials to be added, please use the contact form to reach out to me! 

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Students are encouraged to keep in touch and to ask questions during our time away from face-to-face instruction. The form below will send a message to my Education Queensland email address.

I will endeavor to reply as soon as possible.

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Described by his students as ‘the coolest human that they have ever met’, and ‘the guy everybody wants to grow up to be like’, Steve McMarson has been a classroom teacher in Queensland, Australia, for 27 years.

When not thinking really impressive thoughts, he can be found with a camera in his hand entertaining people with his endless wit and charm.

Acknowledging the following student artists.

Lightbulb artwork by Ashleigh H.
KiwiMouse artwork by Ainsley H.
Strawberry Monster by “The” Ashanti T.
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